We don't listen to "best of" albums, we create them.


05 -- Led Zeppelin

albums considered.
Led Zeppelin I, 1969Led Zeppelin II, 1969Led Zeppelin III, 1970Led Zeppelin IV, 1971Houses Of The Holy, 1973Physical Graffiti, 1975Presence, 1976In Through the Out Door, 1979Coda, 1982

01 -- Black Dog
02 -- Ramble On
03 -- Whole Lotta Love
04 -- Fool In The Rain
05 -- Misty Mountain Hop
06 -- Dazed and Confused
07 -- Immigrant Song
08 -- Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman)
09 -- D'yer Mak'er
10 -- Over The Hills and Far Away
11 -- Stairway To Heaven
12 -- Rock and Roll
13 -- The Ocean
14 -- Heartbreaker
15 -- Kashmir


Carry Out.

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  1. Y'Know, this is a fantastic collection of tracks, but the problem with doing a band like Led Zep is so many of their songs are singles. They don't have a lot of deep cuts casual listeners are familiar with.
    BTW-I would've added Goin to California.

  2. Yeah, I see what you're saying. Going to California was a tough omission, but man, there was a bunch of crap, too.

  3. I hope everyone takes the time to watch this Ween video. It is so radical.

  4. No "Since I've Been Lovin' You"? Man, that hurts. Omit the overplayed and overrated "Stairway To Heaven" and put SIBLY on. Please.

  5. Hey Dame, you were right. That Ween cover was pretty sweet. There's another band you guys should do at some point.

  6. overplaying of a song carries no weight on these lists.....stairway doesn't knock on the door of "best of", it kicks the fucker down.....sorry, in a fight to the death between the two, silby winds up an awesome-bluesy-corpse.....but it still does carry some of the best leads page has ever played

  7. I don't even think Stairway is representative of Zeppelin's work. Also, this:

    No Stairway. Denied!

  8. with that comment, i must ask if you have actually heard the song. ever.

    a lot of people just take that song as a big guitar-wang opus.....there is sooo much to love about that song.....the fact that the song is a steadily-increasing crescendo of volume and intensity, the imagery of the lyrics (forwards and in reverse), the way the song creeps up on you and winds up throwing you into a cauldron of hard rock goodness.....there are two reasons things get overplayed.....1 -- simplistic, repetitive slow-pitch melodies that everyone can hum along to, and 2 -- it fucking deserves it.....i'm giving the stairs a 2.

    if you left a show back in the 70s and this song wasn't played, you'd be hearing people conversing about the reasons why much more than any other zep song i can think of.....this would be the one song i would have to hear zep play live.....a monster

    even wayne and garth would agree.

  9. "if you left a show back in the 70s and this song wasn't played, you'd be hearing people conversing about the reasons why much more than any other zep song i can think of." I could say the same thing about 'Free Bird', but that doesn't make it any less of a joke. I agree with Natalie--'Stairway' isn't really representative of LZ. That in itself doesn't make it a bad song, but the fact it appealed to teeny-boppers everywhere brought LZ down a notch in my eyes.

  10. i didnt realize you were a big enough fan to go to the extremes of cutting off fingers and balls.you are worthy my friend,good job on the blog,keep them coming,looking forward to jethro tull,supertramp,and frank marino and mahogany rush.

  11. ernie lee 93 you dont know what the fuck your talking about,hardly any of zeps songs were singles,i beleive what you meant to say was that its too bad that your normal joe listener wasnt familiar with the killer badass more than a 3- minute songs that zep was attired too,break out physical graffitti and listen to"In The Light" or the "Wanton Song",true zep fans dont want to hear 3 minute singles and i certainly wouldnt want to turn them on to something like "dyer maker",zep was not a commercial band and they still arent,hell they wont even let guitar hero use there songs,they allowed cadillac to use rock and roll and thats about it,and as far as "Stairway To Heaven" goes you only wished you could have wrote that one,the problem being is it got so much airplay that people got burnt out on it,so the people that called for it now dont want it ,love turns into man if i hear that song one more time im going to kill someone,you guys created it and that doent mean it isnt a great song,it ruled the airwaves for years ,now people want to slam it because there jealous,i still enjoy stairway to this day ,you cant go by the present you have to go by what was felt in the beginning.

  12. damon you should have slammed this guy for his comment,dont mean to be an asshole,but please do your research before posting

  13. Steve, while we appreciate your emotion and enthusiasm, try to play a little nicer with others. We all have differing opinions and that's what the comment section is for, but stay above the belt.

  14. It sounds like Steve is upset that he was outed as a teeny-bopper. Dude, if you were around when "Stairway" was uber-popular and gushed about it like you are now, I would have scoffed at your taste in music. Jealous? Hardly.

  15. Over the Hills and Far Away is one of my favorite songs ever.