We don't listen to "best of" albums, we create them.


06 -- Nirvana

albums considered.
Bleach, 1989Nevermind, 1991In Utero, 1993

01 -- On a Plain
02 -- School
03 -- Scentless Apprentice
04 -- Breed
05 -- Heart Shaped Box
06 -- Tourette's
07 -- Sifting
08 -- Something in the Way
09 -- All Apologies
10 -- Drain You
11 -- Downer
12 -- Serve the Servants
13 -- Smells Like Teen Spirit
14 -- Negative Creep
15 -- Come as You Are
16 -- Lithium
17 -- Very Ape
18 -- Paper Cuts
19 -- Pennyroyal Tea
20 -- Territorial Pissings
21 -- Dumb
22 -- Radio Friendly Unit Shifter



Dead Guy Ale


  1. Glad to see Radio Friendly Unit Shifter on here, and it makes a hell of a closer. But I'm confused - Why did you have to ignore Incesticide?

  2. Never mind, I just re-read the rules. I have to say that I used to like that rule, but now I find fault in it. Why on earth should those songs be ignored because they weren't technically on a studio album? Dive and Aneurysm particularly. Those songs are classic. Great collection though, as usual.

  3. No About A Girl? You could easily replace On A Plain or Territorial Pissings with it.

  4. no 'about a girl' cause i believe the best version of that song was on their unplugged session.....and as far as the rules thing, chris, yeah it's gonna bite us in the ass somewhere but we needed something to give us a finite line to draw.....if we include one thing outside of a studio album, that opens the door for EPs, imports, re-releases, live CDs, compilation albums, web-only released singles, single b-sides, ect. ect......so, worst case scenario is that a really awesome song or two do not make the list but those songs at least pop up in a reader's mind and maybe they'll go put it on and listen to it at home.....win win!

  5. no 'about a girl' cause i believe the best version of that song was on their unplugged session...

    Alright, I can buy that.

  6. The best songs Nirvana ever did were b-sides, hidden tracks, or otherwise not on their studio albums. Even in His Youth, Endless Nameless, Curmudgeon, I Hate Myself and Want to Die, Marigold...all of these are up there with the ones listed.

  7. I wouldn't say the best were b-sides, but there were some damn good ones. But rules are rules and we've gotta stick to them.

  8. When I saw them live at the Forum -- their second to last show in the United States -- they opened with Radio Friendly Unit Shifter.

    OMFG. I still get the chills thinking about it.