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23 -- Cake

albums considered.
Motorcade of Generosity, 1994Fashion Nugget, 1996Prolonging the Magic, 1998Comfort Eagle, 2001Pressure Chief, 2004Showroom of Compassion, 2011

01 -- Never There
02 -- Comfort Eagle
03 -- Race Car Ya-Yas
04 -- Stickshifts and Safetybelts
05 -- Rock'n'Roll Lifestyle
06 -- Sheep Go To Heaven
07 -- Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
08 -- You Part The Waters
09 -- Arco Arena
10 -- No Phone
11 -- Frank Sinatra
12 -- Ain't No Good
13 -- The Guitar Man
14 -- Short Skirt/Long Jacket
15 -- I Will Survive
16 -- Friend Is a Four Letter Word
17 -- The Distance
18 -- Italian Leather Sofa



  1. Decent list, but nothing from 'Showroom'? Federal Funding was a solid enough song.

  2. Actually, nevermind. Great list. I listened to the tracklist and forgot how much I dug some of these songs.

  3. I'll second the 'Federal Funding' comment. Although with Cake, something good would definitely have been left out either way. I'm also surprised that you went with 'No Phone' over 'Wheels' from Pressure chief. And am I to understand that re-makes are acceptable on your lists?! 'The Guitar Man'? You mean to tell me that you won't accept a great song off of an EP or a B-sides record, but you will accept a remake off of a studio album?!

  4. federal funding was ok, didn't blow us away, but was still good.....as far as covers --

    faith no more - war pigs
    guns n roses - hair of the dog
    ratm - renegades of funk, how i could just kill a man, the ghost of tom joad
    cake - guitar man, i will survive

    if the song is good enough, it's here.....if this stems back to your gnr post, we have since added Lies because we found an updated wiki that listed it as a studio album

  5. I thought Cake's version of "War Pigs" was pretty damn good.

  6. it sure was, i think my favorite part was when the trumpets came back in and throughout the last minute.....good jam

  7. Dame and I were talking just a few days ago about what a cool song 'You Turn The Screws' is. Why didn't that make it? It has a killer bass line and some great trumpet playing.

  8. no specific reason, just didn't make the cut.....i'd give it a 6/10

  9. Guitar Man. God, how did they take a third rate (at best) song and make it great without completely changing it. Genius.

  10. "Guitar Man. God, how did they take a third rate (at best) song and make it great without completely changing it. Genius" -- Radical comment.