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39 -- Hole

albums considered.
Pretty On The Inside, 1991 Live Through This, 1994 Celebrity Skin, 1998 Nobody's Daughter, 2010

01 -- Violet
02 -- Mrs. Jones
03 -- Gutless
04 -- Celebrity Skin
05 -- Berry
06 -- Miss World
07 -- I Think That I Would Die
08 -- Doll Parts
09 -- Pretty On The Inside
10 -- Rock Star
11 -- Dying
12 -- Babydoll



  1. Third-rate 90s rock that is little more than a footnote to Cobain's suicide. I've heard her rip on Foo Fighters quite a bit -- and she has a point, FF can be very bland -- but Grohl has contributed at least 2 songs to the rock/pop canon, "Everlong" and "My Hero," which is 2 more than Love can claim. "Doll Parts"? Please.

    Love's problem is she followed fame more than her own talent. Her strength is words, not writing melodies or hooks. If she cultivated her gifts she could've been a considerable writer or critic. She gives a great interview. Instead she decided to bore us with a handful of derivative albums.

  2. That's probably the most well worded and intelligent bashing of a band that I've ever heard. Well played.