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08 -- Primus

albums considered.
Frizzle Fry, 1990Sailing the Seas of Cheese, 1991Pork Soda, 1993Tales from the Punchbowl, 1995Brown Album, 1997Antipop, 1999

01 -- Wynona's Big Brown Beaver
02 -- Restin' Bones
03 -- Mr. Krinkle
04 -- John The Fisherman
05 -- Eleven
06 -- My Name Is Mud
07 -- Those Damned Blue Collar Tweekers
08 -- The Antipop
09 -- Jerry Was a Race Car Driver
10 -- Harold of The Rocks
11 -- Ol' Diamondback Sturgeon (Fisherman's Chronicles, Part 3)
12 -- Over The Electric Grapevine
13 -- Electric Uncle Sam
14 -- Welcome to This World
15 -- The Heckler
16 -- Southbound Pachyderm
17 -- The Final Voyage of The Liquid Sky



  1. TOMMY THE CAT?! C'mon, motherfuckers, Tom Waits even sings on it!!

  2. TtheC was a close one, but got dropped due to the fact that it felt like it ran in circles and it could have been about half as long.....they had some good ideas in that song, but it seemed to lack the connective tissue, if you will.

  3. Tom Waits can go get fucked, too.

  4. Damon, I'm gonna yank that bizarre ear ornament right out next time I see you for that blasphemy.

    Tommy the Cat does get kind of repetitive there at the end. I see that you guys are actually discussing this and not just haphazardly throwing tracks around. ;)

  5. Les Claypool is silly. His voice is silly and his bass playing is even sillier. I could never take this band seriously. :(