We don't listen to "best of" albums, we create them.


07 -- Guns N' Roses

albums considered.
Appetite for Destruction, 1987 G N' R Lies, 1988 Use Your Illusion, 1991 Use Your Illusion II, 1991 The Spaghetti Incident?, 1993 Chinese Democracy, 2008

01 -- It's So Easy
02 -- You Could Be Mine
03 -- Hair of The Dog
04 -- Paradise City
05 -- Don't Cry
06 -- You're Crazy
07 -- Welcome To The Jungle
08 -- Garden of Eden
09 -- Civil War
10 -- Nightrain
11 -- November Rain
12 -- My Michelle
13 -- Estranged
14 -- Rocket Queen
15 -- Used To Love Her



  1. I am listening to a lot of GNR lately. Good timing. But, why the video for patience and no Patience on the list? Does LIES not qualify for some reason? Confused. Also I'm pleased that Sweet Child o mine isnt on here, Because it would be on any other compilation. I hate that song. Later

  2. Lies is an e.p. mixed with studio and live tracks so, no dice. We try to use videos not on our list, kinda like a little bonus. Word!

  3. I officially dont like your rules. I cant see the sense in it.

  4. rolling stones have 26 studio albums.....if our rules were lifted, there'd be 150+ releases we'd have to listen to just so that we don't exclude any possible track.....in a world of completionisim, damon and i are the two guys hanging out in hammocks by the lake.

  5. You ignore GNR LIES! I'm not talking about some rare import of a one-off acoustic set in Finland, or a little known album of Rod Stewart covers .... Its GNR LIES!

  6. Motherfuckin' NIGHTTRAIN and ROCKET QUEEN for the win!! I've always said that if (in another life) I was a stripper, Rocket Queen would be my pole music.

    I might have thrown in Locomotive and possibly Don't Damn Me, especially in place of the tired Paradise City. Also, the hell with Patience; if I'm picking a track from Lies, it's gonna be One In A Million.