We don't listen to "best of" albums, we create them.


16 -- Madonna

albums considered.
Madonna, 1983Like a Virgin, 1984True Blue, 1986Like a Prayer, 1989Erotica, 1992Bedtime Stories, 1994Ray of Light, 1998Music, 2000American Life, 2003Confessions on a Dance Floor, 2005Hard Candy, 2008

01 -- Open Your Heart
02 -- Lucky Star
03 -- True Blue
04 -- Express Yourself
05 -- Take a Bow
06 -- Papa Don't Preach
07 -- Erotica
08 -- Human Nature
09 -- Live To Tell
10 -- Borderline
11 -- Cherish
12 -- Secret
13 -- Frozen
14 -- Dress You Up
15 -- Power of Goodbye
16 -- Like a Prayer



  1. All great picks. Did you know I'm writing an essay for a Madonna anthology? I'll have to give you guys a shout in it.

  2. Good list, I was afraid Like A Prayer wasn't going to be on it til I saw the end - then realized you wouldn't be dumb enough to leave off the greatest pop song of all time (the real 7" version, not that craptacular version that was put on The Immaculate Collection.)

  3. I'm glad someone realizes how terrible that version is. "The Inaccurate Collection" should be avoided. Greatest hits albums really do suck. We have a purpose!

  4. Goddamn, Borderline, Open Your Heart, Express Yourself and Like a Prayer are so good.

  5. No shit, man. Express Yourself brings it hard.