We don't listen to "best of" albums, we create them.


09 -- Ozzy Osbourne

albums considered.
Blizzard Of Ozz, 1980Diary of a Madman, 1981Bark at the Moon, 1983The Ultimate Sin, 1986No Rest for the Wicked, 1988No More Tears, 1991Ozzmosis, 1995Down to Earth, 2001Black Rain, 2007Scream, 2010

01 -- Mr. Crowley
02 -- Over The Mountain
03 -- Suicide Solution
04 -- Mama I'm Coming Home
05 -- Shot In The Dark
06 -- Crazy Train
07 -- Mr. Tinkertrain
08 -- Diary of a Madman
09 -- Fire In The Sky
10 -- Flying High Again
11 -- I Don't Know
12 -- Road to Nowhere
13 -- Bark at The Moon
14 -- I Just Want You
15 -- No More Tears



  1. You picked I Just Want You over Perry Fucking Mason?

  2. Funny, those were the last two we had left to choose from, I believe. But yes, Natalie, yes we did.

  3. Also, The Boy Who Lives With Me, while knowing neither of you, was kicking around this joint and voiced his displeasure at the exclusion of "Too Many Puppies" from the Primus list. You're just never going to make everyone happy.

  4. I know, we feel like the president sometimes.

  5. YESSSSSS mr. crowley. SO. FUCKIN'. EPIC. man. ... i really hate to admit it, but you boys are pretty good at this. also, i don't give a damn what anyone says, 'mama i'm coming home' will always be a fantastic.. idk, could you consider that a ballad?

    and srsly. 'no more tears'.. is a great song.

    and from this comment it has become apparent that i am clearly a fan of 'new' ozzy, and should just get rid of all of my sabbath related anything.