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35 -- Genesis

albums considered.
From Genesis To Revelation, 1969 Trespass, 1970 Nursery Cryme, 1971 Foxtrot, 1972 Selling England By The Pound, 1973 The Lamb Dies Down On Broadway, 1974 A Trick of the Tail, 1976 Wind & Wuthering, 1976...And Then There Were Three, 1978 Duke, 1980 Abacab, 1981 Genesis, 1983Invisible touch, 1986 We Can't Dance, 1991 Calling All Stations, 1997

01 -- That's All
02 -- Harold The Barrel
03 -- In The Beginning
04 -- Land of Confusion
05 -- Hold On My Heart
06 -- The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
07 -- The Fountain of Salmacis
08 -- Misunderstanding
09 -- In The Cage
10 -- Dancing With The Moonlight Knight 
11 -- In Too Deep
12 -- Throwing It All Away
13 -- Aisle of Plenty
14 -- The Knife
15 -- Los Endos



  1. Never was a big fan of prog rock, and I didn't care much for the top 40 Phil Collins stuff. That said, there's still some good stuff on here that I wasn't familiar with since I never followed Genesis. Peter Gabriel has a great voice, even though it seems like it was under-utilized. Really like "In The Beginning" and "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway." And even in the Phil Collins era I still like "Hold On My Heart" and "Land of Confusion." I have a feeling some of these other songs will grow on me with more listenings. I need to hear more Peter Gabriel and less synthesizer.

  2. Dude, that's awesome. 90% of this stuff was new to me as well.