We don't listen to "best of" albums, we create them.


10 -- Pearl Jam

albums considered.
Ten, 1991Vs., 1993Vitalogy, 1994No Code, 1996Yield, 1998Binaural, 2000Riot Act, 2002Pearl Jam, 2006Backspacer, 2009

01 -- Porch
02 -- Corduroy
03 -- Dissident
04 -- Do The Evolution
05 -- Alive
06 -- Oceans
07 -- I Am Mine
08 -- Garden
09 -- Go
10 -- Lukin
11 -- Animal
12 -- Even Flow
13 -- Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In a Small Town
14 -- Jeremy
15 -- Present Tense
16 -- Black
17 -- Once
18 -- Insignifigance
19 -- Rearviewmirror



  1. Great list. I'm extremely pleased to see Present Tense on there. I will listen to this mix this weekend. I dont have time right now, but I think that's the best way to accept these lists before complaining about something being on it (or not being on it). Having said that, I will say this: The first thing that jumps out at me is there is a lot of "Ten" on it, and not a lot of "Vitalogy".

  2. Happy to see Corduroy and Garden here, but I agree that it's Ten-heavy and Vitalogy-light; where's Immortality? Not For You? Still a great list; gonna have to dig out my Jesus Christ sixteen-year-old copy of Vitalogy now.

  3. It's Ten-heavy for the obvious reason that it's FUCKING INCREDIBLE. I listen to this mix over and over, fuck. It's my favorite so far, hands down.

  4. Yes, Vitalogy is a highly underrated album. Before I dug into the comments, my first thought was that I would've added "Spin the Black Circle"
    Also would've added "Hail, Hail" and "Wishlist"
    I know the later stuff isn't as good, I stopped buying Pearl Jam albums after Binaural. But there are certainly some gems.

  5. I believe Brian and I agree that Binaural was our choice for most underrated album.

  6. all i'm sayin' is that the video for 'do the evolution' was fuckin' fantastic, and i feel like that song has always been really underrated. and this is from someone who would not even consider themselves a pearl jam fan.

  7. One of the best playlists of pearl jam hands down. 5 of my all time fav PJ songs are here. Great work.

  8. I saw them and Neil Young at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Vedder had the flu so they only played 6 songs. Bummer, dude.

    Vs. and Vitalogy are the shit.