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22 -- The Rolling Stones

albums considered.
The Rolling Stones, 1964England's Newest Hit Makers, 196412x5, 1964The Rolling Stones No. 2, 1965The Rolling Stones, Now!, 1965Out of Our Heads (UK), 1965Out of Our Heads (US), 1965December's Children (And Everybody's), 1965Aftermath (UK), 1966Aftermath (US), 1966Between The Buttons (UK), 1967Between The Buttons (US), 1967Their Satanic Majesties Request, 1967Beggars Banquet, 1968Let It Bleed, 1969Sticky Fingers, 1971Exile on Main St., 1972Goats Head Soup, 1973It's Only Rock 'n' Roll, 1974Black And Blue, 1976Some Girls, 1978Emotional Rescue, 1980Tattoo You, 1981Undercover, 1983Dirty Work, 1986Steel Wheels, 1989Voodoo Lounge, 1994Bridges to Babylon, 1997A Bigger Bang, 2005

01 -- Brown Sugar
02 -- Under My Thumb
03 -- Sympathy For The Devil
04 -- Street Fighting Man
05 -- Miss You
06 -- Stray Cat Blues
07 -- Gimmie Shelter
08 -- You Can't Catch Me
09 -- Paint It Black
10 -- Mother's Little Helper
11 -- Wild Horses
12 -- (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
13 -- Drown In The Hole
14 -- Let's Spend The Night Together
15 -- She's So Cold
16 -- Shattered
17 -- Jigsaw Puzzle
18 -- It's Only Rock 'n Roll (But I Like It)
19 -- Beast of Burden


  1. Decent list, fellas. I have no complaints this time. Except to cover more women, please.

  2. Curious why you seemed to have purposefully avoided Exile which even Keith said is probably the best thing they've ever done.

  3. @natalie - don't worry about it, when we made this list, we just threw names together not using sex as a qualifier.....we have probably 20+ female artists/female-fronted bands.....they'll be trickling in

    @bc - the album is in itself is great.....it has a great overall sound and it flows in and out of the gulf states/southern usa.....but, to us, none of the songs individually were strong enough to push any of the ones we selected off the list

  4. Wow, OK, I totally disagree. I think "Tumbling Dice" (a classic rock radio staple) and "Rocks Off" are much stronger songs than "She's So Cold" and "Down in the Hole."

  5. cool deal, i am glad when people bring up other songs that weren't on the list, because all it can do is make someone want to go out and listen to something again.....tumbling dice is a nice song and all, but to me it sounds like they wrote two decent parts then looped 20 second clips and separating them with some light guitar noodling.....exile is great, but the individual songs didn't strike enough of a chord (ha) between the both of us to make it.

  6. "Can't You Hear Me Knockin'" has one of the greatest guitar intros/riffs of all time. You'd take "Down in the Hole" over that?!

  7. oh hell yeah i would.....i didn't bother even defending down in the hole because that song just drips a molassesy blues that sticks in my head for days.....such a good, good damn song.....the simplicity, the messiness, it just works so well for me.....Knockin' is an amazing song, but being over 7 minutes leaves a lot of the song that didn't need to be there, or at least didn't need to be there to make our list.

  8. "Wow, OK, I totally disagree. I think "Tumbling Dice" (a classic rock radio staple) and "Rocks Off" are much stronger songs than "She's So Cold" and "Down in the Hole." -- You proved our purpose with that statement. Just because a song is a "classic rock staple" doesn't warrant it notoriety. Nobody bitched when we left off everything from Metallica's black album, loaded with radio heavy ditties. I am a HUGE Stones fan and this list was damn near impossible to make. There were some tough omissions, but rules are rules and not everything can fit onto an 80 minute mix. You can't please everyone. Now, can you hear ME knockin'?

  9. This would have been a thankless undertaking. With so many worthy songs somebody is gonna be pissed. That said, I have to commend you for adding and sticking to your guns on 'Down in the Hole'. That's a great song that probably isn't too well known. Also thanks for omitting 'Tumbling Dice' and 'Start Me Up', two hits that are way overrated. My bitch---'You Can't Always Get What You Want'. C'mon, man. It's way more worthy than 'Shattered' and 'She's So Cold'.

  10. Our only beef with "You Can't Always Get What You Want" was the length of the track. If I remember correctly, that very well may have been the last song to be cut.

  11. The song I was asking you guys about is "You Can't Catch Me." I wasn't familiar with it, but it reminds me of some mid-60s Bob Dylan. I'd prefer "Heart of Stone" from that same time period, but that's me. I know "Metamorphosis" isn't considered a studio release, but there are 3 songs on there that kick ass: "I Don't Know Why," "Jiving Sister Fanny," and "Memo From Turner." I would put those 3 among most of the great Stones songs. Damn, now I have to go pull that album out. Haven't heard it in years.

  12. John, thank you. The way you utilize our site for for information is exactly what we hoped our followers would do. We want people to discover new tunes. We want people to remember songs they've forgotten and we people to dig out their old records. Our other readers should take note, this guy brought his music fan-dom 'A game.'