We don't listen to "best of" albums, we create them.


27 -- Tool

albums considered.
Undertow, 1993 Ænima, 1996 Lateralus, 2001 10,000 Days, 2006

01 -- Ænima
02 -- H.
03 -- Prison Sex
04 -- Forty Six & 2
05 -- Hooker With A Penis
06 -- Undertow
07 -- Stinkfist
08 -- Vicarious
09 -- Eulogy
10 -- Schism
11 -- Sober
12 -- Third Eye



  1. This is a fine list, but you guys sure didn't get very adventurous with it. I would've put Ticks and Leeches and Wings For Marie on this list. But maybe it's just because I'm such a huge Tool nerd. *shrugs*

  2. Kind of agreed with Erin, but since I'm not a complete Tool nerd like some people and you guys put Forty Six and Two on the list, I'm happy enough.

  3. One song from Lateralus?! Very surprising - but then again maybe not. Lateralus kind of works better from beginning to end than their others. Fewer "singles" that can be pulled out and stand alone.

  4. The toughest part about compiling this list was the 80 minute run time. Damn these are some long jams. And Chris, I agree about Lateralus.

  5. this'un was a hard one.....the list of songs before the final cut was twice the runtime of what we can use and we thought it was pretty adventurous to keep an almost 14 minute opus that envelopes almost everything tool stands for and compromises 20% of the album.....almost every song on this mix elicits a "god damn" as soon as it starts and that's the brass ring for me!